What couples massage can do for you?

There’s something just a bit special about couples massage. Giving your partner a body massage is a treat and a wonderful way of helping them de-stress after a hard day and showing them you care. There are obvious benefits to the lucky person on the receiving end of the massage, but what about the person giving it?

It’s relationship-building

Spending time doing something solely for your partner really does show them that you care. Yes, you could give them a gift card for a massage at the spa, but think about how romantic it can be to dim the lights and take care of the massage yourself.

A spa or salon massage is necessarily clinical – it’s relaxing and enjoyable, but it’s in a massage bed with someone who has to keep you at emotional and physical arm’s length to do a professional job. Couples massage is completely different; you’re massaging in your own familiar surroundings, there’s no pressure, and you don’t have to leave after 60 minutes. The relaxing benefits of massage therapy from someone that you know well are easy to understand. There’s no awkwardness, so he or she can get straight into the feel-good tension-busting mood.

It helps to build trust

Trust is vital to any relationship, and a massage is a beautiful way to establish that bond.  If you know your partner really well – and we assume you do – you’ll be able to pinpoint the exact moment that they just let themselves go deeply into the massage and relax under your touch completely. At that point, they are entirely surrendering and trusting you totally. It’s a powerful emotional connection for both partners.

Building trust leads to stronger feelings of intimacy, which helps to reduce stress. Reducing stress has a cumulative effect; it helps protect against conditions that develop when stress builds up in the body, like cardiovascular disease, autoimmune conditions, and even IBS.

It improves intimacy

A couple’s massage is a completely different thing than a professional treatment, even if the strokes do the same thing. Of course, that’s how it should be; nobody wants to get too attached to their massage therapist! When you’re having a couples’ massage, though, it’s a different scenario – you’re doing this for your partner because you care for them and want to be physically close to them. Intimacy isn’t just a physical thing – it’s also about emotional closeness, which isn’t something that all relationships have automatically. 

Building an intimate connection with someone is good for your overall health; it releases the hormone oxytocin, which promotes bonding and also helps to boost your overall well-being. You can nurture an intimate connection with your lover just by spending time alone with them, just concentrating on each other. Although massage isn’t the only way to do this, of course, it’s a really good way!  Try it – watch as your emotional connection deepens.

Giving a massage makes YOU feel good

You’re so wrapped up in giving that massage and making your partner feel good that you don’t have the time to think about day-to-day worries. Those minor irritations that seemed so important get put to one side as you massage away, and the tension seems to melt away from both of you. You can become entirely absorbed in the act! There’s no denying that giving a massage can feel as good as getting one as you bond with your significant other.

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