Massage Therapists are rapidly growing in demand since the pandemic as many people are starting to take their health more seriously. Massage therapy is now a bigger part of the conversation around healthcare than ever before.

We are starting to see massage offered in more settings such as corporate offices and hospitals. Thus creating a plethora of jobs for massage therapists across the country.

Locally speaking, massage business owners are struggling to find therapists to fulfill their hiring needs.

Now is a perfect time to enter into the massage therapy field. Demands are high and the therapist community is low in numbers.

However, this career isn’t ideal for everyone. There are many things to consider when deciding if a massage therapy career is right for you.

Exploring the ins and outs and some self discovery can help you come to the right conclusion of what will work for you!


Do you like working with people?

Enjoying human interaction is an absolute must for this career. As a massage therapist you will constantly be meeting new people all with their own unique personalities and energies. Being able to appreciate all types of lifestyles, body types, races and genders is essential.

How physically demanding do you want your career to be?

Consider the fact that massage therapists invest their own physical (and emotional) energy into every session they perform. Certain sessions can be more physically demanding than others and therapists must learn to practice proper self care to counterbalance that body exertion.

Is living a healthy lifestyle important to you?

As stated above, self care and healthy living are essential to maintaining a long term career in massage therapy. Proper sleep, exercise and whole food eating are at the top of the list of daily practices to ensure you can be the best therapist for your clients. Clients will also naturally look to you as a guide for healing and health.

Self employment vs. employee.

One great thing about becoming a massage therapist is the different employment options. Some therapists opt to be self employed by starting their own small business or LLC, while other therapists thrive as an employee at a spa or various other massage therapy businesses. It’s also perfect as a part time job to supplement a career you may already have!

A day in the life of a massage therapist.

Besides performing sessions with clients, a massage therapist has many other responsibilities. Depending on where you are employed you may be required to answer phone calls and schedule appointments, accept payment at the end of a session, attend to the constant flow of laundry, and general cleaning and up keep of the establishment.

Building a clientele.

Having a full book of regular clients most likely won’t happen overnight. If your goal is to be self employed, many massage therapists will allow their clientele to grow while they supplement with secondary employment.

The best way to build a strong group of regular clients is to be consistent with your quality of massages.

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