Deciding to become a massage therapist can be one of the biggest decisions you make for your career.

While the educational demands of learning anatomy, kinesiology, and pathology for a massage therapist can seem like a challenge for some, it’s important to remember that massage school isn’t all memorizing anatomical terms and massage techniques.

It’s also learning to connect with other people who often share a similar interest in a holistic approach to life.


One of the most obvious perks to attending massage therapy school is the massage trades that happen during hands-on classes. Students learn by practicing techniques on each other and taking turns being on the massage table themselves.

Being massaged on a weekly basis has huge benefits to crafting your own skills but also taps into your own personal healing. Experiencing this type of self-care through therapeutic touch is a great way to jump-start your own path to becoming a massage therapist.


Following your intuition is a necessary skill to be successful as a massage therapist, which is why many schools offer certain classes to guide you to do just that. Through fun interactive assignments, massage students learn how to connect with their clients, listen to their inner voice, and also interpret body language or reactions.

This is a skill that will take you from being an average therapist to a “SuperHero.”


Outside of learning the skilled trade of massage therapy, you will also become familiar with different approaches to holistic living. From studying healthy eating, exercise, deep breathing and yoga, Eastern medicine, meditation, affirmations, and mindfulness, students will be presented with a wide variety of healthy living techniques to implement into their daily lives.


In a private massage school setting, class sizes tend to be smaller and more intimate for learning. This is a great opportunity to mentor closely with a local massage teacher.

Learning from someone who has created a life for themselves with a massage career is crucial to developing as a therapist. Talking with them on a regular basis, learning from their experience, and sharing their passion for massage is a bonus to attending massage therapy school.


Many people who go through a massage therapy program say one of the best parts was the new friendships they formed with other students. Trading massages and learning about self-healing creates an atmosphere that fosters a connection between the students.

More often than not, students will continue their friendships beyond massage school and into their professional careers. This also helps create an industry where we can build each other up by referring clients and continuing to trade massages.

Ultimately, the best parts of massage therapy school will be what you make of it. Showing up every day with a positive attitude and warm energy is an important way to make learning fun!